Now that the year 2021 is almost over, it’s time to take a look back at all the apps that have been released this year to find out which ones have been the most popular. This will give everyone a handy list of the best apps to install on their brand new Android devices. So we went ahead and handpicked the best and most notable releases of the year, with a few surprises for good measure. AP’s list of the best apps of 2021 has you covered, whether you’re looking for free apps to expand the functionality of your new phone or just want to brighten up your home screen with a nice live wallpaper. Have a nice holiday! Here’s where you can check out our previous app roundups if you’re looking for something older.

Slopes: Ski & Snowboard is a popular iOS app that was ported to Android this year, and since it’s almost winter, it’s time to go skiing and snowboarding. It is primarily a tracking app, so you can easily record your movements on the track. Not only is this great for those who want to keep track of their performance, it’s fun to compare times with friends to see who came out on top. The app is free if you’re only interested in daily totals, but the more robust features are locked behind a subscription, but at least you can buy day and three-day passes if needed. . So whether you’re going out every day or just a few times a year, there’s a membership level that should meet your needs.

A huge benefit of using Android is that you can choose your default launcher, and there have been plenty of great options released over the years, with Niagara Launcher landing in 2021 as one of those cool releases. This is a minimal launcher where you’ll navigate your apps by swiping your thumb up and down in an alphabetical list. This list can be pulled anywhere to launch your apps quickly, and since it’s on the side of your screen, navigation is easily done with one hand. Heck, the launcher works even on foldable devices, and it’s easily themed. It’s simple yet sturdy, which is why it’s so popular. So if you want to personalize your device with something intuitive and not to break the bank, then Niagara Launcher is easily a top choice this year.

Have you ever worried about using too many of your apps throughout the day? Well, Mind Leak is one version that can help you out. While there are tons of options to remind you when using your apps too often, Mind Leak adds some memeology to this reporting feature to add some humor to the process. Once the app is installed and configured, you will receive alerts when you watch an app for too long, and these alerts consist of personalized images or just a photo of your face staring at the screen. This way you can see how ridiculous you look when you look at your phone to remind yourself that there are better things to do than read Reddit all day.

This is for all those who are passionate about organization. Stack is an Area 21 app from Google, which means it’s basically an experiment, but it’s useful. This is a PDF scanner, and while there are plenty of them, the point of this release is to store your critical scanned documents in one place, much like a safe for all your records. You can even categorize your scans into stacks (hence the name of the app) so you can easily navigate your files. Best of all, the app is free, which you won’t find in competition.

I’ve always wanted an easy way to store my clipboard in the cloud, and Clipt can be linked to your favorite cloud storage (such as Drive) for easy access to the contents of your clipboard. This way you can cut something on your phone and then pick up where you left off by pasting the cut content to your PC. You can even transfer pictures this way, which is a godsend if you constantly switch from your Android device to the office throughout the day. Although this is an app from OnePlus, it is compatible with a wide range of devices, so don’t worry, you don’t need to own a OnePlus phone just to access this release app. – useful papers.

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