There is supposedly an app for everything these days, but what about the hobbies and necessities that require hardware rather than software? You can turn your phone into just about anything with the most useful smartphone accessories, and most of them are user-friendly, easy to use, and connect directly to your phone or device (whoever your party is in the age-old debate between Google and Apple). These useful gadgets actually mean smartphone accessories can simplify your life.

With the recent release of Pokémon Go by Niantic, I’m more connected to my iPhone than ever before, and yesterday I found myself doing something I promised I would never do: walk the sidewalk on a bright summer afternoon with my face buried in it. a screen. The more technology advances, however, the harder it becomes to resist this urge.

People use their phones for just about everything – flashlights, cameras, calculators, navigation systems, email – and although some people argue that our generation is definitely headed for hell in a hand basket, this is not without advantages. Cool cell phone accessories that turn your phone into anything means you can travel lighter and do everything a little easier. Check out these stunning and affordable gadgets for smart phones that make your phone even smarter no matter what you use it for.

1. A professional camera

XENVO Premium Camera Smart Phone Lens Kit, $ 33, Amazon

Smartphone cameras are getting better and better, but they’re not quite professional looking – until now. This Premium XENVO Camera Smart Phone Lens Kit clips onto any phone to give you stunning, crisp images and great zoom. It easily connects to your phone using a padded clip, and this one also comes with a rechargeable LED light for darker scenes.

2. A way to stay cool

Pandawell iPhone Fan, $ 5, Amazon

This Pandawell iPhone Fan turns your phone into a fan fast and easy, wherever you are. It is ideal for the iPhone 6, comes in six different colors, and has a soft, secure and efficient wing that gives you a cool breeze while commuting or working.

3. A game system

Mad Catz Mobile Gamepad, $ 48, Amazon

If you are a gamer, this Mad Catz Mobile Gamepad allows you to transform your iPhone (several different generations) into an interactive controller. It supports multiplayer, super long battery life, a travel friendly design, and can connect to a larger screen with the right HDMI adapters. Simply download the accompanying app and play your favorite games on the go.

4. A printer

Fujifilm Instax Share smartphone printer, $ 143, Amazon

For all those photos that clutter up your phone’s hard drive (I know, you’re going to “manage to download them”), there’s this epic Fujifilm Instax smartphone printer. Using wifi, it prints all images straight from your smart phone or tablet with cute patterns and the ability to add text. It combines the retro feel of Polaroids with modern convenience, and critics love it.

5. An excellent sound system

Inateck portable wireless bluetooth speaker, $ 26, Amazon

This number one bestseller, the Inateck portable wireless bluetooth speaker, packs a lot of punch for its size. It plays all your music in crystal clear high definition sound and connects to any device with Bluetooth capabilities. Reviewers love it because it’s loud, clear, and has a built-in microphone for hands-free phone calls.

6. A stable tripod camera

Glif adjustable tripod mount, $ 30, Amazon

Another gadget for photographers, this Glif adjustable tripod mount is one of the best available when it comes to smart phones because it fits almost any model and sticks to any tripod. It’s great for taking photos and videos, and just might be your best friend when the family Thanksgiving photo rolls around. Maybe the buns won’t even cool this year.

7. A guitar interface

iRig, $ 39, Amazon

For all those musicians out there, this iRig allows you to input the sound of your guitar, bass or line instrument directly into your phone or device. You can tune, record, practice with headphones, or send your sound to an external amplifier without an adapter, and reviews have called it an essential “gateway to digital music.”

8. A magnifying glass

Microscope magnifier, $ 7, Amazon

Gem lovers, entomologists and avid Where’s Waldo readers – this one’s for you. The microscope magnifier lets you use your phone to zoom in on anything, quickly and easily, using 30x magnification. It attaches to anything that has a camera and is less than 12mm thick, and it also has a built-in LED light for clearer viewing.

9. A credit card reader

Square credit card reader, $ 5, Amazon

This number one bestseller square credit card reader allows you to accept credit card payments for your home business or small store. It accepts any card (including American Express) without a connection, and can send receipts and authorize signatures right on the screen. The accompanying application also has functions for invoices, inventory, taxes, sales reports and orders.

10. An essential survival tool

TeckNet Power Bank, $ 21, Amazon

The TeckNet Power Bank holds up to 30 hours of charging time for your smartphone or tablet, which is ideal for camping, hiking or road trips. It also has a built-in LED light and compass, and is fully waterproof, dust and shock resistant, making it one of the best survival gadgets for someone who needs to stay. connected.

11. A projector suitable for travel

Mengshen Mini Pocket LCD Projector, $ 56, Amazon

To blow up your favorite corgi GIFs on the nearest wall, there’s this Mengshen Mini Pocket LCD Projector. It easily connects to any phone or laptop (or Xbox, PC or USB) to give you a high-resolution picture wherever you are. It comes with built-in speakers and fits in the palm of your hand for portable use.

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